Spice Blends

Your spice specialist. For food enthusiasts and gourmets.                                            Our spices are produced without flavor enhancers and anti-caking agents.            Cooking is simply a pleasure with our spices.


DIY is the motto, and with our seasoning

accompaniments, you can now get started

and effortlessly sprinkle "Bella Italia"


You can incorporate the spice preparation

into the dough itself, just add as much as

you want to have a Mediterranean touch.

As a finishing touch, the pizza seasoning

can be sprinkled on the crispy golden

cheese after baking. In general, it can

be used to season anything that needs

a Mediterranean flavor, whether it's

pasta or salad dressing.


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CHF 35.00 / 100 g
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As beautiful as fish is in the water,

it's even more beautiful on the


It will be an eye-opener for

you—everything you need for a

good fish is in our Fish Spice Blend.

It guarantees great taste and brings

many compliments.

CHF 14.00

CHF 28.00 / 100 g
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What's better than a crispy portion

of fries on a gloomy day? Burgers

just can't do without them as a side dish.

The fact that fries are considered

unhealthy fast food infuriates us!

Don't you think they resemble fried

rays of sunshine instead?

Bring the sun home now. Great with

all types of potatoes.

CHF 8.00

CHF 16.00 / 100 g
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Lemon pepper

What tastes more like summer than

fruity lemon? And when it meets

high-quality and exquisite pepper,

the result can only be brilliant.

No matter how you use this pepper

blend, with this mixture, you'll have

the summer at your fingertips for


CHF 9.00

CHF 18.00 / 100 g
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Raclette without one of our

wonderful spice blends?

Raclette is like Zermatt without

the Matterhorn.

When it comes to melted cheese,

nobody can beat us.

Give your Raclette that extra burst

of flavor too.

A delicately scented spice blend

that also tastes excellent with fondue

or a cheese sandwich.

CHF 8.00

CHF 16.00 / 100 g
  • 0.05 kg
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Raclette in Mill

In a raclette, the central element

is a spice that appeals to all the


Our grinder is served in various

5-star hotels, including

Hotel Palace Gstaad.

A healthy spiciness that enhances

the taste of this wonderful cheese.

CHF 14.00

CHF 31.10 / 100 g
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Pepper bouquet

In this bouquet, our different varieties

of pepper (black, white, and pink)

harmonize perfectly together.

The blend enhances dishes with a

comforting spiciness, creating a

perfect meal.



CHF 15.00

CHF 30.00 / 100 g
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black pepper

Our black pepper pairs well with

all delicious dishes that can handle

some spiciness!

But if it's not just any pepper, and you

want something truly special, only

one option comes into consideration:

the fresh, coarse black pepper

without additives from Le Roi du Goût.

This flavorful classic is celebrated in

every kitchen for its aroma. Use it as

a finishing touch on grilled or roasted

meat, while cooking in a vegetable

stir-fry, or in the dressing on your

favorite salad.


CHF 14.00

CHF 28.00 / 100 g
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seasoning mix meat

Like from the butcher next door!

Our BBQ all-rounder with a slightly

spicy touch, suitable for almost any meat.

Inspired by butcher's spices, we rolled up

our sleeves, got our hands dirty three

times, and tinkered until our spice blend

could have come from the butcher

around the corner.

Fresh and tangy notes of paprika and

parsley combine with savory herbs and

pepper, receive a mild kick of spiciness

from chili flakes, and are perfectly rounded

off by onions and garlic. It's superb as a rub

for meat and vegetables, but also a great

addition to hearty cuisine. Why not upgrade

your Sunday roast sauce?

Licking your fingers afterwards is absolutely



CHF 8.00

CHF 17.70 / 100 g
  • 0.04 kg
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Chimichurri is a traditional herb sauce

from Argentina.

You can use our spice blend for all types

of meat. Mix it with olive oil and lime

juice to create a marinade, then let it sit

for a few hours. An Argentine spice for

the grill pro.


CHF 12.00

CHF 24.00 / 100 g
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Seasoning mix Lamb

Lamb meat is mild in flavor and tender

in texture. It becomes even better with

the appropriate spice. With its delicate

aroma, lamb meat belongs on every

well-stocked grill in Switzerland,

especially as chops.

Lamb rack, lamb shoulder, lamb fillet,

or a leg of lamb are the prime cuts and

can be well-sautéed or roasted in the


No true gourmet can resist our spice

blend, developed in collaboration with

the Chez Heini restaurant in Zermatt

and the brilliant Dan Daniell.


CHF 8.00

CHF 26.60 / 100 g
  • 0.03 kg
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Seasoning poultry

Every rooster crows for it!

The poultry all-rounder helps you in every

situation and adds the perfect touch to

your dish.

Behind "Poultry Spice Blend" lies our wonder

that is just waiting to be tried by you. The

blend will make you crave juicy

crispy chicken wings or sautéed chicken

breast fillet, providing a zesty flavor. It can

be said that this spice is simply the best for

your chicken or turkey. It has a light citrusy

taste. Once you've tasted it on crispy grilled

chicken, you won't want to miss this

wonderful flavor anymore!

CHF 9.00

CHF 18.00 / 100 g
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Yes, there is a fifth dimension in taste:


That's the typical flavor found in many

Asian dishes, which can be recognized

by the taste receptors on our tongue,

in addition to the four well-known

tastes: sweet, salty, sour, and bitter.

You've prepared something delicious,

spent a long time in the kitchen, and now

the moment has finally come where you

can taste your creation. And you think,

"Mmmm, it's good, but there's something

missing!" But what exactly is it that's

missing to make your homemade dish


The answer is "umami"! To not miss anything

in meat, fish, and vegetables, you need

our Umami.


CHF 8.00

CHF 16.00 / 100 g
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Orange pepper

Indispensable for the asparagus season,

simply stir it into the Béarnaise sauce...

Orange pepper has a complex taste:

peppery, sweet, tangy-fruity, and slightly

spicy. Ideal for Asian dishes such as soups,

duck and chicken meat, seafood, fish,

and salads.


CHF 8.00

CHF 16.00 / 100 g
  • 0.05 kg
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White pepper

White pepper is characterized by its

distinctive mild aroma. The level of

spiciness is similar to black pepper, but

the white variety provides a welcomed

visual variation.

White pepper is also excellent for adding

a final touch of flavor to dishes before


Harvested from the same plant as

black pepper, white pepper undergoes a

special treatment after being picked.

The fully ripe and red-fleshed berries are

soaked in water for several days, causing

the flesh and outer skin to detach from

the core.

CHF 14.00

CHF 28.00 / 100 g
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