What smells so wonderfully? Naturally, it's our herbs without the addition of salt or any other anti-caking agents. Herbs enrich our kitchen in a wonderful way.               They bring freshness and flavor to our dishes with their taste.


We believe that everyone should have

parsley in their homes!

Especially when it is characterized by

the best quality and tastes wonderfully

sweet and savory. Its intense aroma

harmonizes with hearty dishes such

as meat dishes and stews.

And here's a pro tip:

To preserve this precious aroma, it's best

not to heat the plant too much and add

it as a herbal finish just before serving.

Moreover, parsley is one of the largest

sources of vitamin C available.


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In our opinion, thyme harmonizes

very well with red wine and beer.

For this reason, the herb pairs well

with braised dishes. Roasts, stews,

or even stroganoff.

Salz, Monosodium-Glutamate, Hefeextrakt, Curry, Knollengewürz, Paprika, Pfeffeer, Gewürze

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Mediterranean Salad

For a Mediterranean touch, all you need

is this spice blend. It will instantly turn

your salad into a perfect dish or

a delicious side.

Grilled chicken, penne pasta,

feta cheese, olives, and crispy

croutons are just a few of the ingredients

that pair well with this Mediterranean

spice mix, transforming the leafy green

dish into a complete meal.

So much for bland or boring, a salad can

be a true masterpiece with plenty of

flavor and satisfying character.

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A must-have:

First and foremost, for

tomato-mozzarella salad

or on your pizza. In aromatic pesto,

on bruschetta or caprese – basil.

Although it doesn't originate from

Europe, it embarked on a journey

from Italy and made its way into the

kitchens of our continent.

Our basil complements both hearty

dishes and light summer cuisine.

Its fresh, slightly sweet, and ethereal

flavor harmonizes especially well with

your fish and poultry dishes, but it can

so enhance grilled mozzarella.

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Intensely flavorful, with a warm,

elegant woody note,

floral and at the same time slightly

herbal. Pairs very well with goose

and duck liver.

Great with vegetables, especially

tomatoes, eggplants, zucchinis,

or even spring onions.

Kochsalz, Monosodium-Glutamate, Zuckerarten, Zwiebelpulver, Stärke, Hefe, Pflanzliches Fett, Gewürze, Antiklumpmittel

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Who doesn't know the good chives?

This flavor wonder is suitable for

almost all dishes, on scrambled eggs

or omelets, in sauces, or as a garnish

in a soup. It tastes excellent and is

the perfect finishing touch for

beautiful plates.

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Herbes de Provence

La Provence =

Culture, nature, love.

Experience a wonderful short getaway

amidst fragrant lavender fields in southern


Excellent with rabbit or game dishes.

Classic in a Coq au Vin.

Remember to save some wine for cooking.

Herbes de Provence are often used to

infuse oils and vinegar. However, they are

also used in vegetable soups and mixed

into dough, along with some olive oil, to

create savory breads.

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Our hero

in tomato and ground meat dishes:

Rosemary is a highly aromatic herb

from the South that works wonderfully

in Mediterranean cuisine, as well as in hearty

Central European dishes.

Rosemary tastes particularly delicious,

for example, with a sprinkle of salt on

oven-roasted potatoes. It also complements

salads, steaks, or marinades for

Mediterranean-style meat roasts


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Salad Garden Herbs

A fresh, crisp salad is a delightful

side dish.

We're giving you a little helper, our salad

seasoning with garden herbs.

For a simple dressing, just mix

one to two teaspoons of it with light

or dark vinegar, the same amount of olive oil.

Feel free to experiment a bit, dressings

become especially delicious when you

enhance them with honey, mustard,

fresh herbs, balsamic, or even a hint of onions.

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Smells like a journey to Southern France.

To unleash its full flavor, Oregano should

be cooked along.

It belongs on pizza, in tomato soup, and

even on fish.

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Porcini Mushrooms

Are you also looking forward to autumnal

mushroom dishes?

When it comes to risotto, it's all about

porcini mushrooms.

The combination of creamy rice,

cheese, and our porcini mushrooms is

unbeatable. You can also grind the

mushrooms into powder using a mortar

and pestle,

then sauté the powder in butter.

That's how you achieve the perfect flavor.

Kochsalz, Monosodium-Glutamate, Zuckerarten, Zwiebelpulver, Kräuteer, Gewürze, Stärke, Hefe, Pflanzliches Fett, Antiklumpmittel,

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