Delicious products handmade with a lot of heart and soul.Enjoy pure pleasure, without flavour enhancers, without additives, just spices.

Seasoning Pizza

Do-it-yourself is the motto and with our spice

accessories you can really get started now

and scatter "Bella Italia" very easily. You can

work the spice preparation into the dough,

just use as much as you want to be

Mediterranean. The pizza spice can also be

used as a finish, simply sprinkle it on the

crispy golden-brown cheese after baking.

In general, it can be used to flavour anything

that needs a Mediterranean touch, whether

pasta or salad dressing.

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Seasoning mix Fish

As beautiful as the fish is in the water, it is

even more beautiful on the plate.
The scales will fall from your eyes,

everything you need for a good fish is in

our fish seasoning mix.
Guaranteed to taste good and bring you

lots of compliments.


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 What's better than a crispy serving of fries

on a gloomy day? Burgers can't do without

them as a side dish. The fact that fries are

considered unhealthy fast food outrages us!

Don't you think they're more like

deep-fried sunshine?


Bring the sun home now

Super with all potatoes

CHF 10.00

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Lemon pepper

What tastes more like summer than fruity


If it then also meets high-quality and

exquisite pepper, the result can only be

ingenious. No matter how you use this

pepper mixture, with this mixture you hold

the summer to sprinkle in your hand!

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seasoning mix Raclette

Raclette without one of our wonderful
seasoning mixes Raclette is like Zermatt
without the Matterhorn
When it comes to melted cheese
no one can hold a candle to us.
You too can give your raclette that extra
extra portion of flavour.
Delicately fragrant spice mixture that also

goes with fondue or a cheese slice.
tastes great.

CHF 10.00

CHF 16.60 / 100 g
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seasoning mix Raclette Mill

The central element of a raclette is a spice

that appeals to all the senses.
senses. Our mill is served among others in

various 5 star hotels. A healthy spiciness

that enhances the taste of this
wonderful cheese even more."    


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Pepper bouquet

In this bouquet, our different varieties of

pepper (black, white and pink) go perfect

together. The mixture rounds off the

cooking off the dishes with a pleasant

spiciness to create a perfect dish




CHF 15.00

CHF 30.00 / 100 g
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Pepper black

Our coarsely ground black pepper goes well

with all tasty dishes that can stand a little


a little spiciness! But if it's not just any

pepper, but a very special pepper, there is

only one only one comes into question: the

fresh, coarse black pepper from pepper

without additives from le roi du goût.

This spicy classic is celebrated in every

kitchen for its celebrated for its aroma.

Use it as a finisher on grilled or roasted

meat, when cooking in a vegetable wok

in a vegetable stir-fry or as a dressing on

your favourite favourite salad

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CHF 28.00 / 100 g
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Seasoning mix Meat BBQ

Just like from the butcher next door!

Our BBQ all-rounder with a slightly spicy

note, goes well with almost any meat.
Inspired by butcher's spices, we rolled up

our sleeves ourselves, spat in our hands three

times and fiddled around until our spice blend

could have come from the butcher round the

corner. Fresh, tart paprika and parsley notes

combine with spicy herbs and pepper, get a

slight spicy kick from chilli red and are

perfectly rounded off by onions and garlic.

Great as a rub for meat and vegetables, but

also in the right place in hearty cuisine. Pimp

your Sunday roast sauce.

licking your fingers afterwards is absolutely


CHF 11.00

CHF 18.30 / 100 g
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Chimichurri is a traditional herb sauce from

Argentina. Our seasoning mixture can be

used for all meats.
Mix it with olive oil and lime juice as a

marinade and let it marinate for a few hours.
Seasoning from Argentina for the barbecue



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Lamb spice blend

Lamb is mild in flavour and tender in texture.

It only gets better with the right spice.
With its fine aroma, lamb belongs on every

well-stocked grill plate throughout

Switzerland - especially as a cutlet.
Lamb rack, lamb shoulder, lamb fillet or a lamb

gigot are the fillet cuts and can be roasted

very well or put in the oven to cook. No real

gourmet can get past


our spice developed with the restaurant

Chez Heini in Zermatt and the ingenious

Dan Daniell.

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Seasoning mix Poultry

Every rooster crows for it!
The poultry all-rounder helps you in every

situation and  and gives your dish the perfect

The "poultry seasoning mix" is our miracle

that is just waiting for you to try it. The

mixture makes you want juicy crispy chicken

wings or fried chicken breast fillet and provides

a spicy taste. It's fair to say that this spice is

simply the best for your chicken or turkey. It is

slightly citrusy. You won't want to miss this

wonderful taste once you've tasted it on crispy

chicken from the grill!

CHF 11.00

CHF 22.00 / 100 g
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Yes, there is a fifth dimension to taste:

umami! This is the name of the typical flavour

of many Asian dishes, which can be recognised

by the taste receptors of our tongue in

addition to the four familiar flavours of sweet,

salty, sour and bitter. You have prepared

something delicious, spent a long time in the

kitchen and now the moment has finally come

when you can taste your creation. And you

think to yourself "Mhhh, it's quite good, but

there's still something missing". But what

exactly is missing to make your home-cooked

meal perfect?

The answer is "umami"! In order not to miss

anything about meat, fish and vegetables,

you need our umami.

CHF 11.00

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Gingerbread spice

Simply the best for the popular



Christmas bakery. But it also

refinesalso refines many

a dessert.


Experience the pure pleasure


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CHF 15.00 / 100 g
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Orange pepper

Indispensable for the asparagus season -

simply stir into the sauce Béarnaise...

Orange pepper tastes multi-layered:

peppery, sweet, sour-fruity and a little

spicy. Ideal for Asian dishes such as soups,

duck and chicken. Seafood, fish and salads.

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Pepper White

White pepper is characterised by its special

aromatic aromatic mildness. The degree of

pungency is of black pepper, but for its

appearance, the white pepper the white

variety is a welcome change.
White pepper is also excellent for the final

for the final seasoning of dishes before

Picked from the same bush as black pepper,
white pepper undergoes a special treatment

after harvesting.
special treatment. The fully ripe and

red-fleshed berries are soaked in water for a

few days, so that the flesh and the outer

skin of the berries from the kernel

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